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At the Atheist Bookshop we are on a 'mission without God'.

The mission of the Atheist Bookshop, is to provide an internet resource which is much more than just a book retailer and much less than a large corporation profiting from atheist readers and writers. We intend to provide a book outlet that fosters a community of likeminded people and tailors its products and services, to the desires and needs of that community.

In the interests of atheism, we advocate and support a charitable
atheist organisation. The Richard Dawkins Foundation (RDF). To this end, we donate a pecentage of our net profit to the RDF, for redistribution as it sees fit. We are not a charity, nor are we a charitable fundraising organisation. We are a 'for profit', private enterprise, retail bookshop, who voulantarily donates, on a percentage wise, ongoing basis, to a charitable cause we believe our customers will gladly endorse.

Why the RDF? Well simply stated, the RDF is something of a meta-charity for many other atheist charitable causes. It has been a pioneering organisation which has set about defending the rights, to possess charitable status for non-proffit, secular orginisations worldwide. Furthermore, it has found a way to act as an intermediary for people wishing to donate funds for any worthwile secular cause, on ether side of the Atlantic. It has gained charitable status in the US and the UK (and other countries may follow suit). By donating to the RDF we are benifitinging a number of worthwile atheist causes and facilitating the more general acceptance of secular/atheist charities in the proccess.

Aside from selling books, advocating atheism and supporting atheist charitable organisations, the Atheist Bookshop endevours to become a great resource for writers, who wish to become published or to promote their own existing publications, consistent with atheist or secular worldviews and values. To this end we endevour to support atheist writers and would-be writers, with a raft of services and information relating to the process of writing and publishing in general, as well as specific resources of relevance to athist & secular writing and publishing.

Our intention is to be a comprehensive community and support network, for atheist literature, while selling atheiest books and promoting atheism in general. We do intend to sell our books at prices lower than you would find elsewhere and still provide a margin of our net profit to the RDF. We are not out for big profits, but merely to cover our costs, survive, and justify a small donation to an atheist charity. Larger profits would go to existing retailers, who have no intrest in atheism, beyond profiting from the books it inspires.

Like our products and services, the management of the Atheist Bookshop, is for atheists, by atheists. We hope you will agree, that it is important to support the community of which you are an important part. So why, we ask, would you buy atheist books anywhere else?

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