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The atheist bookshop is more than just an online store. It's where you find a community of atheist literature lovers.

As far as I can tell this will be the worlds first online, atheist bookshop. It is just a seed for the time being. We have a long way to go. I haven't set an opening date yet, as that will depend on a few things that are unsettled. For now, I would like to cultivate a community of potential customers and generally like minded folks, who enjoy reading in atheist literature and furthering the cause of secular values.

There is a forum associated with this site and I strongly urge you to visit and stay. I dearly want to know what books you have read and loved, what books you wish to read, and what atheist accessories (t-shirts, prints, stickers etc...) you know about and would like to see. I also wish to earnestly solicit your feedback about what you would like to see in terms of service as well as products at the Atheist Bookshop.

Personal service and customer satisfaction is going to be my highest priority, so don't be afraid to ask for the unreasonable. I can't come over to your house, sit on the end of your bed and read a book aloud for you, but I want to do whatever I can, to make your book buying and reading a value added experience. This bookshop is yours not mine. I want to make it so that it belongs to you, and you belong to it. There are a few ideas I have already and I will put these out for you all to ponder:
  1. Voice chat utility embedded in the website, so you can speak to the shopkeeper personally.
  2. An RSS feed with hot atheist news from around the net.
  3. Email services to notify you of new releases, or just new titles that match your selected categories and/or search criteria.
  4. Prepaid email gift vouchers.
  5. Support services and competitions for budding atheist writers.
  6. Ten percent net profits donated to the Richard Dawkins Foundation For Reason and Science.
  7. Put together a good archive of atheist files like video, cartoons, news articles etc.
  8. Scrolling pane with brief review comments (taken from the forum) in the book preview pages.
  9. Lot's of other atheist related products like coffee cups that say "I don't need God, I just need Coffee"
  10. Second hand, hard to find and antiquarian books associated with atheism.
Don't just buy an atheist book, enjoy a great atheist literature community, that also sells the books you want. Don't forget to bookmark this site and visit the forum to share your enthusiasm for atheist literature and help shape the atheist bookshop. Give us a review and even share some of your own writings.

NB: For the time being sections of this website that require active form content, will be handled through the forum. These sections include: The Book Club, Requests & Ideas and Feedback & Support. Of course for any kind of support or help, you are welcome to just use our voice chat utility.

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